How many times have you attended properties to conduct a survey and found that the symptoms the customer’s property is exhibiting are in fact caused by condensation rather than damp?

Condensation Solutions for Trade

You lose valuable time on the survey which doesn’t produce work for your company and the customer is unable to have their problem solved.

At Dryhome Condensation we offer a simple solution which allows you to give improved customer service. The REMCON whole home ventilation units offer a competitively priced and effective solution to condensation problems. Many damp-proofers across the U.K are taking advantage of our next day delivery mail order service and the opportunity to fit these units in customer’s properties, For the customer they provide an effective solution to condensation problems.

For you the damp-proofer, they allow you to provide your customers with an additional service, whilst being simple and relatively quick to install as well as being cheap to run. Hopefully the REMCON® unit will be a profitable solution for yourselves on those surveys you carry out, when the so called ‘Damp Problem’ turns out to be one of condensation.

The new remoteControl REMCON

The new remote control Remcon is our latest model, specifically for properties with a loft space and fully complies with Part F Ventilation 2010 Building Regulations.

With over twenty years success with our whole home ventilation systems, the only criticism from customers has been that in some smaller properties too much air is inputted causing a slight draught. With the new Remcon released in 2010, we have developed a system with 99 settings, permitting very fine tuning to match the size of the property. With a range of 400 to 1400 revolutions per minute the input can be adjusted to suit any property. The remote control system also provides an excellent unique selling point, allowing adjustment without the use of ladders or entering the loft space offering additional advantages for fitting in the homes of the elderly or disabled.

The REMCON is a one piece unit as opposed to the units provided by other suppliers. The REMCON is fitted in the attic space and all that is visible in the living area is an unobtrusive white louvre on the landing ceiling. The machine is very quiet in operation and offers a secure and safe way to ventilate your home, without the need to leave windows open.


The REMCON units are simple to install. Installation time for the REMCON is approximately 45 minutes. All units are supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions. If you have any installation enquiries or would like more detailed information, please contact us.

Designing and creating our patented system for the past 30 years, we won't sell a system unless it is the right solution for you.

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