How many times have you attended properties to conduct a survey and found that the symptoms the customer’s property is exhibiting are in fact caused by condensation rather than damp?

Condensation Solutions for Landlords

Whether you are a local authority or a private landlord, condensation and the mould associated can be a major headache. The internet has enabled tenants to have a greater understanding of the health risks associated with mould spores.

This can lead to poor landlord / tenant relations with disputes over responsibility for condensation problems. Unlike owner-occupiers, landlords are not in control of the day to day conditions within their rental property.

Tenants typically do not ventilateUnfortunately in most cases in rental properties it is the lifestyle of the tenants which determines whether condensation and black spot mould become a problem. You can of course try to educate the tenant regarding sufficiently ventilating the property, particularly the kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as avoiding using radiators to dry clothes and also to use the heating system correctly. However experience will tell you that tenants will still continue with their bad habits.

ControlsWith the new REMCON you have an effective solution to all your condensation problems whatever the size of the property. The 99 speed setting inra red remote control allows fine tuning of the air input to suit the size of the property, but the tenants are unable to turn it off. The REMCON is competitively priced and virtually maintenance free. It is very economical to run and simple to install.

Installation InstructionsThe REMCON units are simple to install. Installation time for the REMCON is approximately 45 minutes. All units are supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions. If you have any installation enquiries or would like more detailed information, please contact us.

GuaranteeFor peace of mind we offer a five year warranty. It is a fit and forget system that really cures the symptoms of condensation. Please have a look at our testimonials page where you will get an idea of how the REMCON has cured customer's condensation problems. In our FAQ's section you will also find information on the causes of condensation and how positive pressure systems work.

Building RegulationsThe REMCON fully complies with Part F (Ventilation) 2010 Building Regulations.

Designing and creating our patented system for the past 30 years, we won't sell a system unless it is the right solution for you.

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